The Schweigers

Welcome to our homepage.

We are a large family of seven.

Elisabeth (1968) and Tom (1972) and five kids (Katharina, 1994; Barbara, 1996; Michael, 1998; Florian, 1999 and Johnnes, 2004).

Our hometown, Ottensheim is a lovely village near Linz (the capital of the province of upper austria with about 200.000 inhabitants, only 10 min. drive) with the famous ars electonica center. The Salzkammergut area with its lakes and mountains is nearby, where you can go hiking, visit a lake or a salt mine or the famous bad ischl where empress sissy used to spend her summer holidays.

Our spacious house is situated in quiet neighbourhood in a dead end street, where our kids usually ride the bike or go skating on their roller skates or play ball.

Ottensheim is located on the danube one of the largest rivers of europe. In summer we do not only spend our time at our pool, but also go swimming in the Danube or spend a night or two camping out at the "beach" at the danube.

Ottensheim is a perfect starting point for exlopring the danube region either by car or by bike (e.g. go by train to passau and ride the bike to ottensheim or take a boat on the danube for a trip) or take a trip to vienna or salzburg.

Convenient shopping is only 0.5 km away. a golf course is only 10 mins. by car in feldkirchen a.d. donau or one of the famous water parks (bad schallerbach) is only a 20 mins drive. Other day trips could lead you to or or (see barfußweg) or in the pyhrn-eisenwurzen region with its mountains. Along the danube you find the wachau region with durnstein castle (where King Lionheart was imprissioned according to the legend) or the abbey in melk

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